Polyandry Marriage System


Tribal culture in India is a blend of epic words and modernity. The Kinnaure tribe of Himachal Pradesh is a brilliant example of its kind. They inhabit in the border of Kinnaur district and earn their livelihood by rearing farm animals. Their occupation lies in raising wool, agriculture and horticulture.

Kinnaures characterize the Aryan and Mongoloid features. There dressing sense complements their soft speaking style. Males highlight their muscular look with a long coat (chubha) and woolen pyjama (chamu sutan) while women wrap their beauty with woolen sari (Dhoru). Women, during any special occasion beautify themselves with strings of beads and corals.

An interesting, yet surprising fact dominating this tribal community, is the Polyandry marriage system. Kinnaures consider themselves as the ancestral link of the Kinners of Mahabharata and believe the custom of Pandava marriage codes. Accordingly, one common girl gets married to the different brothers of a family. Heavy-price is paid for a bride, who is granted freedom to participate in any of the cultural occasion even after marriage. The shortage of good match led the unpaired girls convert herself into a Buddhist nun or Jomo. This tribal folk believe that Polyandry is the best way to joint family system and a smart way to safeguard the inherent property from division. One inspiring point lies in the system of re-marriage in their society. Women, after the death of her husband are allowed to marry again without any social stigma.

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